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To Steve Gill

Your resonator is the best Prewar reproduction I have ever seen or heard. The first Walnut resonator you made for me is a thing of beauty. The resonator is on one of my own banjos. I'm glad I found "The" manufacturer capable of producing an exact Prewar replica resonator in looks and sound. Due to this, Gill Mfg. will always be the exclusive resonator builder for the Kel Kroydon™ Banjo Co.

Steve: Thank you for your impeccable craftsmanship & personality.

Thomas Mirisola
Kel Kroydon™ Banjo Co

I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that the resonator you built to my specs is top notch craftsmanship in my book. All the dimensions are dead on the mark and the materials you used are top quality.

There's no doubt I will be doing more business with you in the near future. Keep up the good work and thanks for the fine product.

Best regards,
Gordon Lyons
Hi Steve,

Received them on Wed the 16th and I should have contacted you sooner. I am very happy with the resonators and service you provided. First thing I did was slip them on to see how they sounded and I'm very impressed. The vintage reso really works well on the Berlile-Pass maple banjo. It punches out the bottom and seems to give clear note separation right up the neck. I used it Sat evening at a practice and it was so easy to play, lots of power and great tone. I really like your resos and will advertise them for you. I will keep you posted as this banjo breaks in it should only get better.

Thanks again,
Hi Steve,

The resonator I purchased from you keeps getting better. I love it, Tony Pass thin skirt birch rim, Burlile tone ring, Gill resonator, First Quality maple neck and hardware, Z bridge, and a Price tailpieces. Your resonator gave it more power and a cleaner sound. I tried three other makes to compare sound on this banjo and the Gill resonator was easy to pick out with the best sound and power. I have not heard anything better and would recommend them to anyone looking to improve their banjo.

Thanks again,
Murray Leonard
Steve, have long known that there is a big difference in the sound of resonators, don`t really know why this is so. Even my old Gibsons vary in sound, so you can imagine my surprise when I first tried yours. The volume was right up there and didn't have that muted green sound. I recommend anybody needing a resonator and wanting that clear sweet sound to give the Gill resonator a try. -- Bob, Spring Hill, FL
I can't think of anyone more qualified than Steve to do this kind of work....easy and fun to work with....he'll work with you closely and get it done expect the best and you get the best at Gill Mfg...flawless inlay work...superb craftsmanship...highly recommended with high marks... -- John Z.
After helping me in building several new banjos and repairing 5 prewar mastertones, I can confidently say that Steve at Gill Mfg. knows his craft. He has duplicated the prewar mastertone resonator in every detail. The sound from it is far superior to any other.

Gratton Toliver
I always used Cox resonators and rims because I know they are good and was very hesitant to try any other. But finally after trying a Gill resonator and it was excellent sounding and beautiful it caused me to try another and then another all with excellent results. I'm not a real easy person to decide on something when it's the reputation of my banjos, but Gill resonators have passed the test. They are on most of my banjos now. The other thing I like as well as the resonators is the service you get from them. When you give them a call you do not get someone sitting at a desk that doesn't even know what a resonator is or what it looks like as you do at bigger companies, you get Steve himself or Mike his son. Steve will bend over backwards to help in any way he can. And should you have a little problem with anything, he is just as helpful to take care of it as he is to sell you a resonator, instead of putting you off or avoiding you like a lot of others do. -- Arthur Hatfield, Hatfield Banjos
It is clear that your attention quality and details are "kicking it up a notch" - exactly what I was looking for.
I consider it a very lucky day when I discovered Steve Gill and his fantastic abilities. From the first test sample I had him build, it was obvious I had found a valuable resource that would raise the level of my banjos.

The resonators Steve builds for me are a combination of his expert suggestions to fill my requirements and my input as well.

For visual appeal, quality construction and more important, their contribution to the tone and power of the instruments, I have found Steve's resonators a definite notch above the rest. Add to this the wonderful customer service and personal interest he takes in satisfying my needs, I couldn't think of using anyone else's resonators.

Scott Zimmerman
Desert Rose Banjos
I got the resonators. They are absolutely perfect. The grain is knockout and the craftsmanship is second to none. These are dead ringer prewar. I will send you pictures after they are stained.
When the opportunity presented itself to obtain poplar core resonators and Steve Gill was making them there was no hesitation. The quality is outstanding and all the independent development Steve did has really paid off. We are proud it's a part of our banjos.
Arkansas Banjo Co.
Hey Steve.... Your resonators are the best on the market by a stretch. I am especially appreciative of your willingness to work with me as to trim options, etc. I have said it before....Some have the name...some have the product. Usually those who have the name, have it by default and don't deserve it. I will do everything I can to further your endeavor because I believe in the product so strongly and believe that in time you will have both "the name" and "the product". Everybody knows I'm a stickler for detail, and the vintage series resonator is the "icing on the cake". For other resonator exists. A resonator that resonates....what a concept!
Wyatt Fawley